She asked, God answered

…and often it rhymed! May these stories encourage you to hear what God is waiting to tell you.

A collection of stories and poems about God, to God and from God

About the book

God is real and loves you unconditionally.  You can learn to hear Him speak by spending time with Him, just like you do with your close friends.   He can help you through hard times and share good times with you. And He wants to have a personal and loving relationship with you.

In this book of stories and poetry, Margaret lets you into her world; into the joys and sorrows, the highs and lows and shares her relationship with God.

This book is for you if…

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You are looking for real love

Perfect Love

Similar to the parables of old
The teaching stories that our Savior told
Were based on topics so well known
And listeners made them all their own
The story of God’s love for you
It is timeless like those stories too

When I was a child there were some things I knew
Love meant having a mom and dad too
 Moms and dads were to come as a pair
And happiness was supposed to be there

Was this the perfect love I strived for?
Or maybe there was something more?

When I grew older and I fell in love
With the person chosen by God above
I knew this was to last forever
And that I should stay with this person forever
This love seemed so much bigger than me
And deeper than I thought it could be

Was this the perfect love I strived for?
Or maybe there was something more?

Now there were struggles along the way
But deep in my heart I knew I should stay
Then I gave birth and each time was the same
For there was a deep, different love that came
A lot less selfish, and forgiving this time
And I started to think about love one more time

Was this the perfect love I strived for?
Or maybe there was something more?

Again there were struggles along the way
And I needed to pray just to get through the day
And then as a grandma, oh my, could there be
A more fulfilling love that was free?
And I thought about how my heart had grown
And the strength I now had that wasn’t my own
For my love isn’t perfect, how often I fail
Compared to God’s love, mine’s so low on the scale
When my friends let me down, when my kids disobeyed
I’m not very nice when I feel I’m betrayed
And then I got thinking, isn’t it odd
How often I do this same thing to God?
Selfishness, anger, and impatience exist
And all of these things are so hard to resist
I reject what He teaches, I pretend I don’t care
I go it alone and pretend He’s not there
Because the love that we carry within
Will never be perfect because of our sin
We needed a Savior, so He gave us His Son
Because He knew what had to be done
God sacrificed His only Son
And on Easter declared the victory won
He loves you so much and hopes you’ll believe
So you’ll open your heart and make space to receive
This perfect love that He has for you
For then you’ll get better at this loving thing too

You are struggling to forgive someone

Moving Mountains

I know that You can move mountains
But can You move mountains in me?
My heart has hardened so solid
In the place where no one can see
The hurt I carry from others
Has grown too enormous to bury
And the pain I rehearse in my thoughts
Has grown too heavy to carry

I have allowed it to grow
And I find it hard to be kind
I’ve tried to withdraw my love
And it’s justified in my mind
By doing this have I hurt them
The way that they have hurt me?
For surely, Lord, they deserve it
So why am I not feeling free?

Have I made a mountain inside me
Based on the things that have been?
Have I become so hardened
That I can’t even let You in?
I need You to move this mountain of pain
Because now I can’t even see
That there is really some goodness
In these people who have hurt me

I have tried to make things right
But my efforts have all been in vain
I’ve done everything I know
But still feel enormous pain
Maybe I’ve played a part
In this situation we’re in
Help me to love them like You do
And let the healing begin

If I give You permission to help me
Maybe You can achieve it
I don’t know how You will do it
But give me faith to believe it
I know that You love Your children
And want us all to be free
Help me accept Your love
So You can move mountains in me

You are looking for a new perspective

Lord, take away the bitterness that’s deep within my heart
Give me eyes to see the way to make a brand new start
Bring to mind the good things I remember from the past
And redirect my attitude to what you want to last

Let me feel Your Spirit as You walk right by my side
Fill my heart with joy that only You provide
Help me feel Your presence for I know it’s only You
That will bring me through this desert that I feel I’m going through

Fill me with Your word and fill my heart with song
Keep my eyes on You so I see how to be strong
Help me not to worry, rearrange my point of view
Teach me how to hope and put my faith in You

You feel closest to the Divine in nature

Cabin Coffee

From deep within I hear Him speak
When everyone else is still asleep
The smell of coffee fills the air
Sounds of nature everywhere

Squirrels are running through the trees
A small breeze wafts
Through willow leaves
A woodpecker pecks upon a limb

I silently say a thank-you to Him
The water is so quiet and still
I ask Him to reveal His will
Out of the corner of my eye

A fish jumps up to snatch a fly
Minnows swiftly swim within
Blue-green water with sun-silvered fins
A small boat makes a ripple wake

Creating lines across the lake
The peaceful quiet begins to depart
For many now the day will start
But for me there’s nothing greater
Than having coffee with my Creator

You're praying for a wayward child

A Mother’s Heart
Dear son,
There are things you ought to know
But are so hard to say
So many things I’d like to change
If I could have my way
The path that God’s laid out for you
And sculptured from above
May be very hard right now
But was prepared with love
I see the pain you’re going through
And I go through it too
Many times I find myself
Praying hard for you
I want to make it better
Like I did when you were young
My mouth wants to yell things out
But God says bite my tongue
The Father knows my aching heart
He feels the aching too
He waits for all His children
The way He waits for you
He wants to be the first one
You turn to every day
He knows what the future holds
And wants to lead the way
So if and when you’re willing
We can go to God together
Because even when you’re hurting
He loves you more than ever
So enter in His presence
For I know His peace is there
For God reveals His truth
When we go to Him in prayer

 This prayer didn’t bring me a transformed son instantly, but God met me supernaturally on several occasions so I could help him get back on track. 

One evening, I was just going to bed when I had this overwhelming feeling that I should pray protection over our son.  This happened when designated drivers were just starting to be used.  Eric had gone out with friends to a local pub and had assured us he had a designated driver who would get him home safely.  I trusted him and felt confident of his safety, so this thought that entered my mind seemed strange.  I ignored it at first, but it was persistent.  I prayed a prayer of protection over Eric and went to sleep easily.

The next morning, Eric had a horrifying story to tell.  Yes, he had been drinking, but as he met his friend who was supposed to stay sober, his friend told him he couldn’t take him home after all.  He drove off, leaving Eric to pay for a taxi home.  He was not impressed. 

The next morning, we found out that this friend had indeed been drinking and had had a car accident after leaving our son stranded.  The passenger side of the car was all crushed in.   

Maybe these trying times don’t happen in all families.  But if they happen in yours, I can assure you that you are not alone.   

You are grieving for someone you love

Heavenly Father, I come to You now
Allow me to feel Your comfort somehow
Restore in me Your faith and Your hope
For I am finding it hard to cope

I can’t get my head around Your way
But in my heart You remind me to pray
Lord, You’re so big, so holy, so true
All love and truth is found in You

So I give You my heart, my worries, my cares
For You are faithful to answer my prayers
I will wait on the solid rock I am standing
For my hope lies not on my understanding

But on the almighty power and grace
You demonstrated when You died in my place
And if You decide to take my friends home
Like all of us, Lord, they are really Your own

For who am I to tell YOU what to do?
For the past and the future is all found in You
I accept your decision, for You know what’s best
Perfect love drives out fear and will help me find rest
So my heart, my soul, my mind I bring
As an offering to You, my Creator, my King

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What readers are saying

Margaret has a comprehensive gift of taking everyday observations concerning people, places and circumstances and translating the experience into a thoughtful and deep spiritual perspective so that there is a depth on every page. Each page is like walking along the street, expecting the obvious where you turn the corner but being confronted with a wise and new concept. Her book will have appeal to a wide audience.

David M. Church

Pastor and missionary

Words carefully given flow from a ready pen, so you bless others again and again.
Profound thoughts offered true and sweet, satisfying, good to eat.
Thanks for listening, thanks for receiving.
Writing with clarity to apply healing and grace from our Father’s heart.

Susan Lee

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